From The Heart of My Idealist Hideaway… 

“Now I’m not saying that we’ve all got to agree. God might be something to you, and something different to me. But every time I turn on the news I see, somebody telling us we’re stupid if we choose to believe. It’s tearing us apart. We’re all the same. Every single one of us.Black, white, gay, straight. None of us above the other. God is love. Love is all we need and we can figure out the rest if we find something to believe in.” -Safetysuit – Numbers or Faith.

This song resonated with me and how I’ve been feeling about the current state of affairs with the American government and with humanity in general. So if you’ll allow me to leave my introvert shell for a hot second; my feelings… 

Humans are creating a track record where we only belittle those who differ from us; where we spout poll numbers and laugh if you’re on the opposing side. We’re just closing our minds further and leaving our hearts behind. The news is filled with it. Social media is the perfect platform to violently disagree with dumb people who believe in something unusual to you. Our lives are flooded with agendas that don’t get anything done other than saying other agendas are bullshit. 

I don’t claim to have answers but if there’s anything our current events and presidential “candidates” have brought to light, it’s that our strategy isn’t working. I don’t care if you believe in my God. I don’t care what God you believe in, or if you think all we return to in death is the worthless dust we were born from. As long as you believe in love and something bigger than what our hurtful attitudes are doing to ourselves and the other humans we come in contact with.

Be better humanity. If Christians are wrong(myself included), cool. Let them be wrong as long as they’re actually living out what they claim to live for. Love. If republicans, or democrats, or atheists, or friends, or enemies, or just the regular assholes are absurd enough to disagree with you, but do so lovingly. They deserve the same. Even if they’re the type to disagree aggressively, step up and let them feel right or whatever it is they need. Love them. Open your mind. Listen to different perspectives without needing to defend your own. Don’t force your own agenda on every pour soul who unknowingly lets you speak freely. In the name of all us idealistic introverts, let’s be better. 

Thanks for listening. Heading back to my hideaway now. 🙂 


The Written Winter. 

‘The falling of cold comes suddenly and meets the skin with a sharp remembrance of what is to come. 

We were imprisoned in the dead of Winter’s icy reign. Left in cells deep beneath the ground; the reason behind our belief that even the world’s core cannot escape Winter. 

It’s truly a task, keeping hearts warm in those conditions. Constantly observed and beaten for being different; being gifted. 

The frozen grime and our own blood lining the walls around us. The first Winter was the hardest, coldest even. To this day it’s memories haunt us on the return of the biting chill on the air. 

There was one Winter colder. Just one. You’ve read about it I’m sure. The year we faced the darkness around us and the fear in our hearts. The year we finally clawed at freedom and grasped it. The Written Winter. 

Hi 2015, Let’s Kick It Off.

I started this blog over a year ago. That’s in of itself crazy to me, seeing as consistently blogging has been a challenge.

Many midnights later, here we are. I’ve shared some thoughts on life, done a bit of creative writing, rambled on about nothing, and been a teensy bit open about a few inner workings. While it’s hardly been consistent, I’m still at it. It’s been fun thus far.

Almost a month into the new year, I’ve had little to say. Rather, should I say, I’ve given little time to thinking of what to say.

I’m a few months in to my 20th year of being alive. Livin’ life. I have found it to be a very introspective time for me. I don’t find that to be a terrible thing(most days at least). It’s a good time to learn and grow as is any.

I’m hardly here to talk about day-to-day life and bore you all to death, though. On we go then.

Thank you to all who’ve read, commented on, shared, or supported my little blog here, this past year.

I plan on posting something worth reading soon here. 🙂
I’d have a few already, but the bits I have cookin’ right now are for my book.
Ah yes, I’m writing a book. A terribly daunting, crazy, and large undertaking for me, an aspiring author/writer(a terribly daunting, crazy, and large dream of mine). Wish me luck.

Anyways, I hope all your New Years have been splendid so far. I pray your days continue to be filled with joy and adventure and lots of crazy-big dreaming.

Here’s to 15′! 🙂

‘Every time we got a little closer to freedom, to peace. Each step bringing us closer to the place we’d always dreamed of. A place without fear. A home. However, fear was never far as we traveled the spiraling trails of those before us. Always picking away at our peace of mind. Telling us we couldn’t make it. Vying to make us believe we weren’t ready, weren’t strong enough. That we were too flawed. That the risk was far too great.

Saying it was a great risk was no lie. Some of us might not make it, we all knew that. It would not stop us though. We’d heard His words. The words of one who wields light. Words filled with hope. And love. A love many couldn’t begin to grasp, but still it filled them with a sudden confidence that exposed fear as nothing more than a counterfeit.


I think a lot. In truth, probably too much. I am content to just sit in a room, quiet and uninvolved, lost in thought.

You might think this would make me some deep, philosophical type. I might even think so, at times. I don’t know that I am. Nor that I’m not.
In fact, for all my thinking, I don’t know a lot. To be quite honest, many times I think of silly, frivilous, and trivial things.
How much I like the sky.
What it must be like to be in a band, touring the world.
How badly I want pizza…
How I’d much rather stay up till 5am and sleep in tomorrow.

Not exactly the stuff of books, you see.
There’s nothing wrong with it though. Hardly two decades old, there isn’t much I need to have irrefutable knowledge of.
There are times, however, when I do wonder deeper subjects. Well, deep to my mind.
One of these subjects lately, has been about TALKING.

We as humans, including myself, have this funny thing we do. We like to sound as if we know. As if we belong. Allow me to explain.

I have a strong belief in God. Naturally, I find myself in the friendship of many Christians. In doing so, I also find I wish to sound like them. I value their friendships as well as their beliefs. Therefore, I want to sound like the believers around me. Talk as if I truly belong.

But wait…when did I stop belonging?
Among my friends, and others I’m sure, it’s known as “Christianese”. Basically, all the cliche, common, and overstated phrases Christians say. My goal isn’t to focus on just one group today though.

We all do it. In our highschool groups. In our workplaces, our inner circles, our societies, our public eyes. We often find ourselves sounding like a perfect fit. No matter our beliefs, morals, or opinions. Wherever we find ourselves.

I’ve recently lost my desire for this. Sounding, has lost appeal, for me. Not to say I never do it. I’m just much more aware when I do. I am an individual person. As are you. You and I, regardless of similar or exact beliefs, are in different places because we’ve come from different, possibly radically different, places in life.

I’m nineteen. I don’t know it all. I don’t even know a little percentage of it all! I’m also certainly not always in the same place as my closest friends. I’d much rather admit I don’t know how to do lots of these things. I’d also rather talk from the place I find myself, rather than sound like I’m right where everyone else is. Reality is, everyone else isn’t in the same place either. Not exactly, at least.

I have many questions, many thoughts. Even regarding faith. Why not be transparent? We have our circles, our close confidants. Why not sound like we value their thoughts, on ours. I believe it’s a much realer experience, a much more beneficial one, to be honest. Admit I don’t actually know what I’m doing and need help, advice.
Talk to others, stranger and friend alike, from the place I’m in and not the place I feel everyone sharing my thoughts is in.

This is where I found my thoughts today. Just thought I’d share them. Opposed to so often when I only share the thoughts I think most around are thinking.

Enjoy your weekends. 🙂

Put It In Bold.

You’re going to fail. That’s okay though. We all do. Try again.

You have no idea what you’re doing. Hardly anyone does when they start out.

You’re not very good at this. Hard work and practice makes pros out of amateurs. 

You don’t even know where to start. So what? Gotta start somewhere.

You’ve made so many mistakes already. Give it up. Today’s going to suck. You aren’t worth two craps. That’s your dream? You can’t even keep your thoughts organized.


… … … … … .. ..


You’re going to fail. The key is to keep at it. It’s okay to fail. All the best did.

You have no idea what you’re doing. You’re young and just starting out. You have questions, you’re unsure. You’ve got this though. Everyone had to learn.

You’re not very good at this. So you need some practice. Good. Practice makes perfect, after all. Practice your freaking butt off. Forever. You’ll be the bomb.

You don’t even know where to start. Yes you do. Anywhere. The key is starting. Not knowing every step.

You’re learning so much. Keep it up. Don’t you dare think about giving up. Today’s gonna be awesome. You have gigantic purpose and are so valuable. That’s your dream? I think it can be bigger. That’s too easy. 


….. So. What are we putting in bold?