Cries of A Sad, Obsessed Fan.

I wanted to write something here today. I didn’t have anything to write about. But good ol’ facebook came to the rescue.

I have a favorite band. Not just favorite as in “Oh yeah. They’re really good. I’ve seen them a few times.” Favorite as in, I’ve obsessed over them. Becoming so dang giddy at the announcement of a new album; so ecstatic when it released. Had I had the ability and green to burn, I would’ve been at every single show that came within 100 miles of me. Why so obsessed? I don’t know that I can explain that understandably.

I spent my teen years listening to them(Anberlin). A friend introduced me to them when I was looking for some new music. Little did he know he’d create a monster fan by doing so. Music became a major part of my life around 12. I got lost in the sea of rock music. Distorted, ripping, louder than called for guitar leads. Driving bass. Moments of wonderful piano or synths. And of course…drums. Cymbals, fills, beats that blew my mind. I started playing drums. Anberlin was all of this.

Their drummer has been my #1 inspiration on drums since I became a fan. The beats he played fit the music perfectly. The energetic, creative, crazy beats. And knowing he started playing with the band when he was merely 16. Well that…that made it official. Drumming role model.

Their lyrics inspired me. I connected with them. Before I started writing I just admired them. After I started they pushed me and motivated me to write better lyrics myself. They still do. I discovered how music can connect people who’ve never met before. Never talked before. Never interacted in any way prior to the listening of the songs. I realized how a song you maybe just liked, helped someone through a hard time. Helped them deal with struggles. This sparked the dream. I wanted to do that. I wanted to create music. Be apart of that. Rough industry, no promise of riches, who cares. Even just drumming for a band. Count me in.

So I had this connection with a band. I got used to the cycle over the years. New album bliss. Wait a couple years, enjoying past and the latest music. New album. What never crossed my mind…was my favoritest band ever…ending…

They made an announcement this year. This is to be their last year together. One last album. One last farewell tour. Change is a part of life. Things come and go. But I hadn’t expected that. Am I being over sentimental? Making it a big deal? Probably. Especially to most other people in my life. But it’s a big deal to me. It’s important to me. The band closest to my heart, disbanding next year. It’s sad. I’m a music junkie and they’ve always been my favorite fix. They’ll always inspire me. I’ll miss them like nobodies business. Sounds funny to say about a group of people you never met. But that’s music. It’s powerful. It means a lot of things to a lot of people. Even if it’s only enjoying the beat or the singer’s voice. That’s what some like. My facebook friends are just gonna have to deal with the sharing pics and the whining.

Anberlin is my band(in the sense of “that’s my jam!”).

And I love them.