Behind The Blog!

Hi there! So…I started this blog in a flash moment of inspiration. I get those, pretty often come to think of it. I’d say the starting theme was simply to hopefully inspire whoever read these words I type – that these blogs would encourage dreamers to dream bigger and out-of-practice dreamers to get back at it. But if there’s anything I’m good at when it comes to blogging, it’s…

Bunny trails! I admit not every blog on here is going to be about dreams or inspirations. You’ll get used to it, don’t worry. Really there are just sooo many topics in this life. And as an aspiring writer, I want to try as many topics, and styles as I can.

Other reasoning for bunny trailing-

  • I’m a hyper thinker. This leads to random rants.
  • I like variety.
  • I’m a drummer(this has nothing to do with the bullet points)
  • I drink coffee. A LOT of coffee. I love it. A LOT.
  • So be prepared to read anything!! (:

I don’t have lots of…well…anything figured out really. I’m learning as I go through all these different seasons and times. I’ve been blessed with life and amazing people surrounding me. And YES! I like Jesus a lot! This influences my belief in love and hope immensely. My heart is really just to be as transparent as possible. Sometimes that’s messy. Also I just wanna inspire hope, and love, and loving people well. I don’t care what your beliefs are, how you’ve messed up, where you’re coming from; you are amazing. You’re a person. And I like persons…..

I could certainly type a vast amount more of words here. But I think you get the picture. My blogs will fill in the rest.

Also, if ever you happen upon my blog and you’re struggling, feeling alone…you aren’t. You are amazing. You are loved, lovely, and lovable. YOU are a wonder. (: Never doubt your worth. EVER.

One more thing and I’m done, I promise!

Bout’ the blogger(that’s me!)

  • LOVE music. I’m a musician so that makes sense I’d think.
  • I dream of one day writing a book(or two. maybe three. maybe a bazillion if I happen to be good at it).
  • My name is Aaron. Nice to meet ya!

The end…


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