Fleeting Fragments. 

‘There comes a point when you run out of words to express it. It just exists. It simply is. Only you are truly aware of its’ reality. Others can speculate, but rarely do more than scratch the surface. They don’t know the heart of it. You lose the words that once brought it to light. 

Even in little excerpts like this one…the sense it makes is fragmented. You understand it. You feel it. You think it, yet your own mind has betrayed you; building the only wall standing between you and the world. 

You must become whole again.

That is your determination. Only then can you bring it to light. Only then can you avenge the brokenness inside. It drives you, but a part of you knows you’re only pushing yourself further off the edge. That’s where this thinking leads you. Lost me yet? I’m treading into territory behind the wall. 

Some of us are broken. Some of our souls are looking for another soul that knows our heart. Just one. Day after day of feeling that there are none left. Surrounded by beautiful hearts, but none left who understand. 

This is the fragmented journey you have found yourself on, no? 

I guess there are still those who understand, then.’ 



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