The Story is Set. 

‘I cannot just throw my voice into the chaos of shrill ringing, like-minded noise. I see a world around me, drowning in the thoughts and feelings of everyone. No one reserves their true emotions; none hold back their beliefs. In ways this is good. It is equally bothersome.

 I have this dream. I burn for this. I am consumed by the idea of my own being bringing something of value into the darkness. I cannot, however, just throw my self into the middle of chaos at the rise of every sun; repetitively writing my heart into the rut of white noise. I will not. Not for fear or doubt that a single voice can bring change. The words have to be precise. They need to come from so deep inside, the fires of hell would stop in their wake. 

I care. I care so intensely. There is yet to be a cause, or a dream I resonate with more. No religion, group, or organization has captured my heart in the same way. I will find a way to express the words. One day. I give too much a damn not to.

My pen will find the hearts of those consumed by this. Until that day, I will continue to process my darkness so that those who find themselves lost in this hellish pit, can realize they are never alone.’


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