Practice Makes Progress.

‘It seems that some of our souls are bound to tarry on the edge, struggling awhile longer than other souls around them. It makes them stronger and wiser. I believe that in my heart. It allows them to relate to the deep darkness seeded within the souls too far gone to remember that there was any light to begin with.

It also appears to sometimes set a great weariness on their already burdened hearts. You see, it’s a wholly beautiful thing to help another heart through their darkness to see the hope again; all because you’ve wrestled with that demon. It’s a cold, dark, and damning thing to start the cycle over again and again and again and again. Hearing the voices inside screaming “It’s hopeless, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over again.”

That is the line many of the souls before me walk. It is a line I am still walking. A balance of helping others heal till we’re broken again; of fighting again and again till it’s over. I imagine much like walking a tight rope high above over an abyss, the fear of falling tends to be a motivator to stay on, if only just barely.

I have ceased pushing perfection on myself and those around me walking that wire. We are all in it together, they and I. Each heart faces demons daily and tries its earnest to face them head on. For if in unity we can each share the burden and help keep hope alive, I will not break that striving for a perfection I have never achieved myself. If someone has one more ounce of hope than a week ago; if they have lasted one second longer in the fight against their demon than last time, well there is cause for joy and encouragement.

There isn’t a soul to cross my path that hasn’t been a little bit broken. Therefore I will choose transparency and be broken right alongside them, that we may strengthen each other and inspire hope where there was once none.’


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