Beneath The Armor. 

‘It was that day I discovered that what had always made me who I am still made me…me. 

Strip everything away; the gold, the glitter, the polished armor, and I find underneath it all still lies someone who matters. Someone with real feelings, dreams of grandeur, and love. 

Someone who listens to too much music because it makes them feel alive. Someone who likes the way the hair in their eyes feels because it’s another layer to pass before their inner thoughts can be gazed at from the outside. 

I find someone who gets lost in between the words of awe-inspired wonder written across the pages of endless books. 

I find this someone has immense worth. They have a heart filled with beauty and hope. I find that while forces have been working to slowly kill this wonderful individual, they have survived; fighting on day after day. I find that the strength I’d been searching for was not in the armor I put on every day. No. 

The strength was in the heart of the one who had been hidden beneath the armor.’


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