The Written Winter. 

‘The falling of cold comes suddenly and meets the skin with a sharp remembrance of what is to come. 

We were imprisoned in the dead of Winter’s icy reign. Left in cells deep beneath the ground; the reason behind our belief that even the world’s core cannot escape Winter. 

It’s truly a task, keeping hearts warm in those conditions. Constantly observed and beaten for being different; being gifted. 

The frozen grime and our own blood lining the walls around us. The first Winter was the hardest, coldest even. To this day it’s memories haunt us on the return of the biting chill on the air. 

There was one Winter colder. Just one. You’ve read about it I’m sure. The year we faced the darkness around us and the fear in our hearts. The year we finally clawed at freedom and grasped it. The Written Winter. 


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