Sacrificed Lights. 

‘I cried out from the depths of my soul, but they weren’t listening. Their minds could only hear my screams as muffled agreement to their twisted reality. 

I tried to tell them it was me, their friend, their companion; sadly they saw only danger in my eyes. They stepped closer, weapons aimed at me. I took another step back. The edge was creeping closer. I tried to figure out where I’d lost them. 

Fear had set in quick with these ones. They’d let their fear of death cloud their minds until all they saw was darkness in other’s faces. Never really knowing true light inside their bones, they’d gone careening over the edge of fear without an outside source of light. 

Soon it would be me plummeting over the edge. I did have one option left, though I’d been hoping to save it for a much darker night than this. I would offer them the light stored in my own heart. I could only hope it would be enough to turn their own hearts back into those of the friends lost somewhere in those cold, cold eyes.

I believe I saw some color return. A flicker of hope, before I was lost in the free-fall. Soon my light would float into the depths of the night sky, joining it’s fellow lights; guiding those they fell for, hoping they’d live on to fight the fear another day.’ 


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