The Traveler.

‘There is a dark side to much in this world and within that there lie darker sides still. There are dark sides to much of our hearts and within those, darker still. 

However there is also an almost incomprehensible beauty all around us and in us. Sometimes when faced with the dark around you, you must turn to face the beauty inside you. Other times you’re faced with the dark inside you and you must turn to face the beauty all around you. 
That…or be consumed by the darkness; in turn transforming what little hope remained into naught but despair. 

No one really wants that. We all desire beauty. Each of us holds a special place for hope in our hearts. When we lose hope, or become those struggling to see beauty and light, we’ve simply been staring at the darkness too long. 

I’ve been told there is only darkness to look forward to, that all there ever was must return to a darkened state at some point in our lives. 

I have found this to be the view held by those already lost inside their own gaze. There is always beauty should you wish to find it and always a light should you wish to see it. Is it always easy to spot? Heavens no, but you must be consciously aware that it exists for it to matter. 

I’ve personally spent months at a time, only finding darkness in my soul. When I did find the light again it was almost too blinding to embrace. I was captured by the beauty of it all though, absolutely in awe. This beauty intertwined itself with my soul and now I only need to look a little to find it. 

The beauty of the natural world is an ever-assaulting presence on the eyes. There is little to find disgusting about such wonderfully crafted ecosystems and masterfully chiseled landscapes. To focus only on the darkness is to rob one’s sight of all the meaning our small, short lives hold. 

Therefore I will not gaze at any darkness, another’s or my own, for very long. Not out of ignorance, but out of a desire to bring beauty into the picture instead. After all, in such dark times, we don’t need more focus on the fact that there is darkness; We need more lights willing to show beauty to all those who would be and are hurt by it.’ 


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