Different Thinkers. World Changers.

In the short time I’ve lived, I have found myself inspired and drawn to the epic, abstract; the abnormal brilliance of different thinking.

Authors have best suited me if it they wrote about worlds that dazzled the mind. Creatures so strange, they were almost hard to think about. Ideas that land far from normal. Writers who are different thinkers tend to change the game. Tolkien and Lewis to name a couple.

There are more different thinkers than just authors though.

It’s hard for me not to admire those who dared to think something the vast majority refused to believe in at first. Innovators who refused to give up because they were thought to be crazy. Individuals who dared to believe in “impossibilities”.

– A world that wasn’t flat.

– An earth that orbited the sun, not vice versa.

– A Son of God who displayed a thinking that was the polar opposite of many credited beliefs up to that point.

– Power for lights and cities other than fire and oil.

– The ability to fly through the air.

It takes courage to propose new lines of thought. When most of the public or a group of individuals would oppose your ideas strongly, violently even.

It’s hard not to admire that kind of bravery. We’re happy most of the different thinkers in history were right, for the most part I think. Yet, I feel we have lost the value for it.

Different thinking has never been super popular in its time; it went against common belief after all.
You’d think we would have learned by now though, the value it can have. Sadly, it’s rarely the case.

Many of us are set in our ways and beliefs that have been passed down generations. We strongly oppose different thinkers, deeming them “unsafe”, “crazy”, or even “occult.”

While I’m sure thinking different isn’t always on the ball, it’s hardly an unhealthy habit, or always blatantly wrong.

I see it on social media quite often:
Someone in the public eyes who has or admits to some different thinking or beliefs. They get eaten up by too many for being “heretics” or what have you.


We shouldn’t be teaching a fear of questions or thinking outside the box. We should be encouraging it.

I challenge Christians to not condemn a fellow believer for having an idea you can’t directly support with one of your favorite scriptures.

I dare you “it’s black and white” folk to not call someone crazy for thinking in blues.

We’re all going to believe what we find to be true. We don’t need to feel threatened or offended because someone has a slightly different take. Maybe you’re right, maybe you’re not. It doesn’t have to be a battle each time we meet different thinkers.

I’m probably giving into my idealistic naivety to think it could be a civil, open minded conversation most of the time.

Anyways, I’ll end with this before I just keep going on and on.

Don’t be afraid to be a different thinker. Whether that’s in your business, faith, or whatever else. I may get resistance, I may be told I’m wrong; but I will be a different thinker.

The world wasn’t really flat, after all.


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